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  • Are paths less expensive than individual open training courses?

    Yes, the price of training courses included in a path is 5% lower than that of those purchased individually.

  • How long should a development path last?

    We recommend that a path be spread over a period of six months up to one year.

  • How many training courses are included in a path?

    A path consists of 3 classroom training courses and e-learning modules, and in some cases also the access to platforms offering tasks and questionnaires.

  • Can paths be delivered as e-learning?

    Paths include classroom training courses and e-learning modules.

  • How long can I access an e-learning module?

    You have access to an e-learning module for one month.

  • Can I adapt the path to my needs?

    Yes, you can structure your path based on the open training offer. Feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right training courses and arranging them into a path.

  • What certificate will I receive after I finish a path?

    A certificate is issued after each individual training course.

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