Piotr Mendygrał

Piotr Mendygrał

Social Psychologist, Sociologist, Coach. Social skill development Trainer recommended by the Polish Psychological Society. Graduated from the SWPS University, School of Psychological Training and Workshop at INTRA Center for Psychological Aid and Education, School of Group Training and School of Coaching (NDO Studio). Gained his management experience e.g. in the Psychosocial Skill Development Foundation Manzana, where he held the function of President for 11 years. Runs classes in the School of Negotiation.

Energetic. Talks much and fast. Likes new challenges. His openness to people and the environment facilitates quick establishment of relationships with training participants.

Spends his leisure time travelling around the world or indulging in his sport passions: wakeboarding in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

His specialization areas as Consultant and Trainer:

  • Negotiations
  • Advanced negotiations
  • Conflict resolution and mediations
  • Influencing
  • Authority building
  • Consensus building in an organization
  • Facilitation
  • Meeting facilitation