Piotr A. Gryko

Piotr A. Gryko

Finds inspiration in wise people with or for whom he can work. His education in economics combined with long-term experience are the reason why he can boast a perfect understanding of market trends as well as business models and indicators. Builds his expertise through a wide network of contacts with businesses and experts all over the world. Proficient command of several languages helps him do that.

Fascinated with advanced technologies as a tool for quick and extensive communication and enhancement of personal effectiveness, which he uses in both private life and in work for the business sector.

In addition to his education in business (graduate in Foreign Trade at the Main School of Planning and Statistics, later renamed Warsaw School of Economics), he holds a specialized professional education degree and a range of international professional certificates; among others, he is one of a few dozen INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy™ certified consultants in the world.

Apart from Poland, he gained his over twenty years’ professional experience e.g. in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, and Russia.

At the beginning of March 2020, he assumed the additional responsibility for building and establishing market presence of Hofstede Insights, our strategic partner, in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE). His main task is to promote the Hofstede Insights MultiFocus Model™ methodology and tools for diagnosing the organizational culture for the purpose of building a strategic competitive advantage of enterprises, which are successfully used also in Poland.

His subject-matter specializations include strategic aspects of organization management, such as e.g.:

  • organizational change process management
  • organizational culture analysis and shaping
  • strategic management
  • cooperation in a multicultural environment
  • business simulations