Piotr A. Gryko

Piotr A. Gryko

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of others, he thrives in collaborative environments that foster growth. His education in economics and years of in-depth experience provide him with a profound understanding of market dynamics and business indicators. His professional knowledge is augmented through extensive connections with international businesses and experts.

Fluent in a few languages, he leverages this skill to foster global relationships. Passionate about exploiting advanced technology, he uses it to enhance communication and boost efficiency in his personal and professional life.

He graduated in International Trade from the Warsaw School of Economics and has furthered his education with a specialized degree and several international certifications, including an INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy™ practitioner certification or The Culture Factor Group (Hofstede Insights) master certification in the Multi-Focus Model™ for organizational culture.

With a career spanning over three decades in various countries including Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, or Russia, he brings a wealth of international insight. In February 2020, he began leading efforts to expand Hofstede Insights’ presence in the Middle East from the Dubai regional office, focusing on promoting its methodologies to enhance strategic competitive advantages in organizations. He is also responsible for establishing and developing House of Skills Middle East.

His subject-matter specializations include strategic aspects of organization management, such as e.g.:

  • organizational change process management
  • organizational culture analysis and shaping
  • strategic management
  • cooperation in a multicultural environment
  • business simulations