Monika Drzewiecka

Monika Drzewiecka

Since 1997, a trainer and consultant. One of the co-founders and shareholders of House of Skills. She performed various management, development, sales and consulting functions in the company.

Currently, as a partner, she is the leader of one of the three business teams, responsible for the sales result, key clients and projects, and supporting the activity of the consultant team.

She has experience in designing development processes aimed at improving the quality of management and leadership in organizations. The area of ​​building motivation and commitment is of particular interest to her. It implements development programs related to building an environment conducive to taking responsibility, developing and realizing one’s potential, and deriving satisfaction and joy from work.

She graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, holds many professional certificates and licenses.

Full of energy and commitment to what she does. She loves people and working with them.