Michał Kaźmierczyk

Has been at House of Skills since the establishment of the Company. Graduated from the College of Entrepreneurship and Management.

In charge of maintaining and establishing new business relationships with customers in Małopolskie and Śląskie voivodships. As part of his consulting activity, he specializes in developing managerial and leadership skills as well as individual and team effectiveness.

Energetic and lively, likes new challenges. His openness to the environment makes it easy for him to establish relationships with training participants quickly and hence to understand their needs and expectations even better. Dedicated to three passions: family, planning new exotic trips, and photography – he can return from a trip with 10 thousand photos out of which he chooses merely a few after an arduous selection process.

Subject-matter specialization areas:

  • personal effectiveness
  • project management
  • art of presentation
  • creative thinking
  • managerial and leadership skills