Małgorzata Borowska

Małgorzata Borowska

Boasts 13 years’ experience in development programs for business and public sector managers. Has worked in distributed intercultural management and project teams, e.g. in Dushanbe, Tbilisi, and Kabul.

Narrative and eclectic. Developed her management skills in Polish nationwide social organizations and her communication skills – while writing for the Wysokie Obcasy magazine, which is addressed to women.

Practices yoga, discovers windsurfing, reads Polish reportages. Admires quantum physics as a metaphor of social relationships, and her son, Janek.

Specialization areas:

  • Development of leadership skills: communication of vision, team building, engagement, and management
  • Presentation, public speaking, and storytelling: skills of networking and influencing with the use of a meaningful graphic narrative
  • Team interventions: Change management, work with disagreements, conflict resolution
  • ToT: skill of building programs and running training courses using the experiential learning method