Maciej Strzelecki

Psychologist and Trainer. Involved in work oriented towards development of psychosocial skills since 2013.

Creates concepts and executes development projects at House of Skills in the areas of leadership, negotiation, consensus building, and personal effectiveness. As Solution Designer, ensures that the pursued actions bring the changes desired by the customer, e.g. increased engagement level, decreased turnover, and higher margin levels of the contracts being negotiated.  Gives consideration to the needs of all stakeholders: business, HR Department, training participants and their managers. Customers appreciate cooperation on the projects he manages, as he takes care of each and every detail in their execution. As Trainer, he believes that he must be an ambassador of the presented contents, and therefore he verifies his knowledge of negotiation, communication, and personal effectiveness in practice.

Works in both a real and a virtual classroom: accompanied over 1,000 people in the development of their skills as Trainer, Facilitator, Sparring Partner, and Actor in an interactive performance. Delivered training to specialists, middle and senior managers from more than ten industries, including English-speaking participants. Convinced that adults learn through experience and therefore makes use of simulation games and exercises based on the participants’ professional reality during training.

Enthusiastically learns new things to be later translated into training contents: author of stress management, mindfulness, and burnout prevention workshops. Took part in an international conference titled Association for Talent Development in Washington, D.C., in 2019, to become familiar with global trends in developing professionals and implement them into his projects. Gave speeches to groups of a few dozen people at conferences for the HR industry, author of articles on negotiation, team building, and emotional intelligence.

Main specialization areas:

  • Negotiations
  • Conflict management
  • Effective communication and assertiveness
  • Team building, team interventions
  • Personal effectiveness: stress management, burnout prevention, mindfulness
  • Team coaching