Łukasz Dąbrowski

Łukasz Dąbrowski

Attracted to diversity, which has dominated his professional life and education. Graduated from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, currently studying Clinical Psychology (Master’s program) at the SWPS University. Was responsible for a proper diet plan for athletes from elementary sports schools (it covered more than 15 thousand students in Poland), while building the awareness and image of the leading brand in the food category (1993). Carried out qualitative market research in Kenya for a chain advertising agency. Enabled the FMCG sector customers to review the objectives for marketing new products, and NGOs – to review the goals of aid projects (1996/97). Supported the customer innovation strategy according to the Blue Ocean Strategy approach by facilitating the process of generating ideas for a new product line (2004). Designed and carried out the process of engaging all employees in giving a meaning to and implementing new corporate values, which were crucial for executing the strategy of increasing the market share (2005). Carried out a research project called Innovation Photography in the USA and Mexico, while preparing a Creative Lab concept for the customer as part of a new revenue generation strategy (2011). Was in charge of a project for implementation of customer-oriented cooperation culture (measured with the team NPS) for an over 1,000-member back office of the advanced technology sector leader (2012). Manages projects for enhancement of personal effectiveness of employees and managers, team effectiveness, and organization development (strategy building) for a leading company from the pharmaceutical and chemical sector (2014–2021). Supported the process of enhancing effectiveness and development of medium level managers and the global management team of one of the top ten legal firms in the world (2018–2021). Prepared a dozen or so presidents and senior directors for crucial speeches.

Passionate about developing training based on game mechanisms, which provide an opportunity for practicing skills in a participant-friendly manner (co-author of the workshop game titled Leaders in Action).

Supports his customers and employees in adapting to remote forms of development. Author of online training project: Art of Presentation, Power2Empower, Blanchard’s SLX Leadership (co-author). The programs were received positively by managers and customers. They are assessed as standing out in the market of remote training. Author of the online training concept in the House of Skills Training Studio format.

Author of the book titled Tajniki wystąpień publicznych [Tricks of public speaking], (Onepress 2011) and co-author of the book titled Zespoły po polsku [Polish-style teams], (Onepress 2010), which was ranked among the top 10 business publications of the year, being the only item by Polish authors in the list.

Subject-matter specializations:

  • innovation and creativity
  • strategic conferences and workshops
  • team workshops
  • presentation skills
  • time management
  • effective delegation