Łada Drozda

Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology.

Delivers lectures and supervises students of Postgraduate Studies of Coaching and Mentoring at the SWPS University. Runs also her own original program titled Management Coaching as part of the SGH Postgraduate Program of Coaching.

Inspired by her sons, important relationships with people and the resulting emotions, contact with dogs, as well as dance and forest. Finds rest and comfort in riding a bicycle and singing aloud in the car, which sometimes astonishes other drivers… Has heard the following a few times in her life: “you’ve opened my eyes to something”, “what you said has changed my way of thinking…”, “you’ve made me like myself.” Is at a new stage of her life now: with no place for illusions any longer. Instead, there are lots of freedom and conscious choices in it.

Accompanies training participants and her coachees in the change being development. Strongly convinced about the richness of internal resources, which all of us have. Not afraid of asking difficult questions and showing people the capability of pushing one’s own boundaries. At work, uses many skills drawn from her entire professional and life experience.

Author of the books titled Na arenie biznesu. Z życia coacha i szkoleniowca [On the business stage. From a coach and trainer’s life] and Jak to powiedzieć? Rozmawiaj z odwagą, życzliwością i zaangażowaniem [How to say it? Talk to others with boldness, kindness, and engagement].

Psychologist. Specializes in educational solutions in the following areas:

  • leadership
  • coaching
  • team management (including: recruitment, motivation, employee appraisal)
  • communication and assertiveness
  • Train the Trainers programs