Katarzyna Marszalik

Psychologist, graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology, with the specialization in Personality Development Support. Completed the Youth Trainers Academy in Hungary, an international coaching practice course in the Netherlands, the Extended DISC® certification course, a Solution-Focused Therapy course. Currently a student at the Academy of Transactional Analysis.

Follows and analyzes global trends in human development in organizations. Social and emotional aspects of the human functioning in the professional environment have become her passion she follows by actively supporting a variety of development projects in terms of subject-matter. Particularly interested in the knowledge of HR management. At House of Skills, cooperates with Trainers and Consultants in various subject-matter fields.

Manages know-how resources and coordinates actions related to knowledge sharing in an organization. Ensures a dynamic expansion of House of Skills’ consulting and training offer. Prepares new programs, creates training materials and tools in the R&D Team. Her responsibilities include also providing support in designing and implementing complex development processes. They are oriented towards leadership skills and personal effectiveness.

Although this may sound trivial, she loves working with people. Believes that projects improving the quality of management, communication, and cooperation translate into measurable business results.

Appreciates people who have passions and are authentic in what they do. Draws energy from relationships with people, likes functioning in dynamic teams to learn from others. Prefers relaxing in the company of her friends and family. Recharges her batteries during long-distance backpacking trips and doing water sports, such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, and sailing in Masuria.

Specialization areas:

  • development solution design and implementation
  • individual potential diagnosis and organization diagnosis (using quantitative and qualitative methods)
  • management of knowledge resources in an organization