Katarzyna Dorna

Katarzyna Dorna

Boasts professional experience in work with business and in business in the area of project management, sales, design and implementation of changes in the Polish and international environment.

Responsible for introducing the „Company” interactive performance to House of Skills offer. The performance is an innovative educational space on the Polish business training market.

What mattered most to her was the people with whom she worked, regardless of where she worked. Learnt in practice how much relations based on trust and openness affect motivation and engagement. Regards support in building such relations as the essence of activities with customers.

Her work relies on proposing such solutions that make sense. Likes to understand the context to be able to present useful and effective activities, which might introduce a change.



  • Development of interpersonal skills: such as empathetic communication, assertiveness, and relationship building
  • Personal development: managing own life energy, managing overload and stress
  • Nonviolent Communication, mediations: reconciling standpoints, building communication, resolving conflicts