Joanna Kubiaczyk

Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology and Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Completed the School of NGO Trainers’ Association and the College of Transactional Analysis.

At House of Skills, supports Trainers and Consultants in projects combining various subject-matter areas. Follows global development trends, prepares publications, develops training programs, tools, and materials.

Has been affiliated with the NGO sector for years, where she works with leaders. The experience gained in non-governmental organizations has shown her the importance of good team cooperation, engagement, and faith in success in every undertaking. These are the values she contributes to the projects she implements.

Her professional passion is transforming theories into simple and effective development tools. Devotes her leisure time to cooking and reading good literature. Loves large and open spaces and therefore spends a few days in the mountains every year.


  • Development solution design and implementation
  • Know-how resource management
  • Training tool creation
  • Cooperation with license partners