Joanna Domeradzka

Joanna Domeradzka

Has been at House of Skills since the establishment of the Company (2004). Earlier, she held the function of Publishing Department Director of the International Foundation for the Development of the Capital Market and Ownership Transformations in Poland – Privatization Center, where she gained her business and management experience. Boasts also many years’ experience in consulting work at the Asea Brown Boveri Poland Group, where she was responsible for designing development solutions for the management staff of the ABB companies in Poland.

Partner at ITIM (Institute for Training in Intercultural Management, Finland): specialization in organizational culture audit methodology (Hofstede Model®), certified consultant of the psychometric tools: MAPP, Extended DISC, Success Insights, Hogan Assessment Systems, SHL (OPQ and skill tests), MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator); Coach certified by Joseph O’Connor’s school (ICC), George Washington University diploma, Project Management; postgraduate program: Human Resource Management, Orgmasz Institute of Organization and Management in Industry; internship/traineeship: Work Psychology and Change Management in an Organization, Center for Professional Education, Arthur Andersen & Co., St. Charles.

Graduated from the Institute for Social Prevention and Resocialization at the University of Warsaw. Interested in painting, Gothic architecture, genetic engineering, Greek mythology, literature bordering on magic realism and fantasy.

Specialization areas:

  • talent management
  • organizational culture analysis and shaping
  • individual and team potential assessment and development using psychometric tools
  • leadership and engagement culture building