Henryk Puszcz

One of the founders of House of Skills, where he currently holds the function of Senior Partner.

Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology. Holds numerous certificates, including the Multi Focus Model© (methodology of research on and work with organizational culture) certificate issued by the ITIM (Institute for Training in Intercultural Management). Blanchard’s SLII®, The Ken Blanchard Companies®, Licensed Trainer.

Has been active in the manager education sector for 20 years. Author of unique development projects intended to improve the leadership quality in House of Skills customers’ organizations. His project work makes use of his many years’ business management experience stemming from his earlier management board functions.

Likes changes and therefore prefers to work in diversified project teams focused on performing a task and succeeding. Finds inspiration in people and the potential for continuous self-development and self-improvement. Privately, in love with his family: wife and two daughters. Loves spending his leisure time in his house in Warmia region.

Co-author of the book Zespoły po polsku [Polish-style teams].

When executing projects, attaches particular attention to building a cooperation culture in organizations, where leadership and following leaders are among the crucial elements of the company’s success.

Specializes in designing and implementing end-to-end development projects and applying intangible company resources strategically. Seeks solutions combining contextual development (embedded in professional realities: challenges and goals, fulfilled role, etc.) with advanced technologies. Runs strategic workshops intended to enhance the effectiveness of management teams.