Filip Rostecki

Filip Rostecki

Delivers trainings, creates concepts and manages complex development academies at House of Skills in areas such as negotiation, consensus building, leadership and diversity & inclusion. Provides solutions as Trainer, Sparring-Partner, and Actor in an interactive performance. Likes to employ non-standard solutions, such as interactive performance based on drama method and business simulations, when implementing training programs. Prepares subject-matter material for training, including business cases based on specific challenges faced by participants. ​

Worked with more than 400 managers in the classroom, at the same time learning the specific nature of various sectors, as Actor in an interactive performance and Sparring Partner. Helps participants see the mirror image of their manager behaviors and experiment in a safe environment of group learning in both drama and role-plays reflecting the customer’s business reality. Supports the persons undergoing assessment in presenting their potential as Sparring Partner at Assessment/Development Center sessions. ​

Gained his experience, among others, in the NGO environment, where for several years he was a member of the management board of a foundation supporting candidates in the labor market. ​
At that time, he prepared concepts and then coordinated development projects and co-delivered workshops for job seekers and students entering the labor market. Managed the work performed by a distributed volunteer team composed of employment counselors, trainers, and students. Assessor in Assessment Center’s simulations for candidates. ​

Analyzed the implementation of Employer Branding in Poland and prepared recommendations for enterprises for the coming years as part of his Master’s thesis.


  • Negotiations and consensus building​\
  • Influencing​
  • Interpersonal communication​
  • Team management​​
  • Diversity & Inclusion​
  • Recruitment and selection​
  • Consulting and professional development