Ewa Kastory

Ewa Kastory

Executes complex long-term development projects for organization leaders. Works with company management boards, prepares managers for building social capital in the organization, implements projects supporting cross functional cooperation in the company. Prepares Management Boards and teams for implementing and experiencing changes.

Responsible for the subject-matter development of negotiation-related solutions. Author of unique development programs and projects in the area of negotiation, conflict management, and consensus building. Implements a negotiation policy in enterprises, provides advise to management teams, and conducts negotiations on behalf of customers.

Initiates, designs, and executes complex long-term projects based on original ideas and project team building skills. Established, in cooperation with her colleagues, the first One-Year School of Negotiation in Poland based on business practice in 2005. Created the School of Leadership based on social capital building in 2018.

Member of House of Skills for 8 years. Earlier, as its founder, managed Training & Consulting Group, a training firm, for 10 years. Joined House of Skills together with her team in 2013.

Leader of one of three business teams; shareholder of House of Skills. Member of Execom, the team in charge of company management, together with three other persons. Eagerly builds social capital and skillfully uses her extensive network of contacts.

Boasts over twenty years’ experience in consulting and training project execution. Delivered around 500 training and consulting days as part of negotiation projects over the past 10 years.

Implements projects focusing on trust- and cooperation-based leadership building.

Specialization areas:

  • Negotiations
  • Conflict resolution and mediations
  • Consensus building in an organization
  • Implementation of a leadership model based on open communication, good relationships, trust, and cooperation
  • Consulting and training projects concerned with social capital building in an organization