Emilia Gawryluk

Emilia Gawryluk

Business practitioner with more than ten years of experience gained in the structures of two international leaders and a Polish listed company in the logistics industry. Involved with the areas of sales and customer service for her whole professional life, which still remain her passion.

Began her professional career from the function of a sales representative, continued as a Key Account and Tender Manager, and was promoted to Sales and Marketing Director, thus learning all aspects of an effective work with the customer. Curious of the world and people, open and continuously seeking opportunities for an intellectual exchange.

The Ken Blanchard Companies certified Trainer: Blanchard’s Optimal Motivation®, Blanchard’s Coaching Essentials®, Blanchard’s Leading Virtually™

Privately, loves long-distance travel, good cuisine, excellent wine and photography, as well as active leisure, in particular when involving water, preferably in combination with high temperature and dry air.

Specializations at House of Skills:

  • Management skill development
  • Development of interpersonal skills, such as communication, assertiveness, relationship and cooperation building
  • Sales and Sales Team management
  • Pro-customer organizational culture building and service quality management
  • Presentation and public speaking skills