Dariusz Gimziński

Dariusz Gimziński

Graduated from the Institute of Applied Social Sciences (University of Warsaw). Holds many certificates in the areas of negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. Certified Coach, member of the International Coaching Community, and SLII® Blanchard’s (The Kenneth Blanchard®) Leadership Trainer. Holds the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certificate.

The Ken Blanchard Companies certified Trainer: Blanchard’s SLII® Leadership, Blanchard’s Team Leadership, Blanchard’s Leading Virtually™.

Can learn a lot from people and listen to them carefully. Fascinated by the beauty of nature: loves travelling. Collects old silverware and literary works (books accompany him everywhere). Life motto: carpe diem.

Has been at House of Skills since the establishment of the Company. Has been working in the profession of Trainer and Consultant since 1996.

Specialization areas:

  • building of end-to-end tailor-made development processes (management academies)
  • leadership and management
  • team communication and cooperation
  • conflict resolution