Dariusz Chełmiński

Dariusz Chełmiński

Interested most in the phenomenon of leadership and cooperation – joint achievement of goals. Believes that it is possible to build strong relationships and attain exceptionally ambitious goals at the same time. This is why his great passion is supporting people, teams, and organizations in creating a human (and at the same time effective) world at workplace. Inspired by people: customers, workshop participants. Establishes honest partner relationships with them. Creates a good atmosphere together with workshop participants: gives them space and strength. Such a climate facilitates development: exchange of thoughts, experiences, and energy. Combines leadership and cooperation.

Has been at House of Skills since the establishment of the Company. Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management and Institute of Sociology. Holds numerous certificates and professional licenses, such as Master Trainer SLII® Certificate, The Ken Blanchard Companies®.

Co-author of the book Dobre Przywództwo. Najlepsze praktyki polskich liderów biznesu [Good Leadership. Best practices of the Polish business leaders].

Main specialization areas:

  • Leadership
  • Employee engagement, engagement management, and motivating
  • Team building: consulting and running workshops to enhance management team effectiveness
  • Change management: employee and team
    engagement in the process of change