Alicja Firsowicz-Madej

Alicja Firsowicz-Madej

Graduated from the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology. Completed the School of Drama Trainers at Drama Way, while seeking inspiration for the trainer job. Holds the Business Coaching Diploma from the PwC Academy, the first school of coaching in Poland accredited by ICF and EMCC EQA, two international coaching organizations. Also an International Coach Federation ACC accredited Coach.

In her trainer job, she identifies with the idea that “Every spoken word is like a seed from which a plant grows in another person’s head…” and therefore she helps others transform intentions into words.

Has been cooperating with the Childbirth with Dignity Foundation since 1999, where she supports the development of those accompanying the woman and the man in the special time of their lives. Loves the singing and music on the borderline of cultures.


  • leadership and motivation
  • communication
  • change management
  • team building
  • Train the Trainers programs
  • public speaking
  • coaching
  • stress management