Analysis of an individual behavior style

based on, among others, Extended DISC®, Success Insights®, MBTI® surveys

Interpersonal communication


Fierce Conversations®


Art of Presentation

Storytelling in Presentation

Public and media speaking “Dress Rehearsal”

Professional video message – online presentation

Accountability and influence

Influencing in Business

Self Leadership

Fierce Accountability®

Emotions and mental resilience

Emotions Under the Care

I myself above stress

On the way to understanding – good conversations

Emotions Under Care - workshop

Self regulation in times
of uncertainty - a webinar

Supervision and coaching consultations

Emotional Intelligence

Mental Resilience – Mindfulness

I can’t? No way – how to set goals and achieve them?

Operational efficiency

Renewal Time

Facilitating Meetings

Creative Problem Solving

Effective and Healthy Home Office

Customer relationships

Customer Service Quality Management

Innovatively About Customer Loyalty

Difficult Situations in Customer Service

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