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Remote and Hybrid Work Management

Motivating in Remote and Hybrid Work

Effective Cooperation in a Remote and Hybrid Team

Effective Remote Meetings

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Conflict Management in the Virtual Reality

Team Colors™ – development process for distributed team leaders

Professional Video Message – Online Presentation

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  • All workshops were prepared competently, the consultants made sure to get to know and understand our business. They acted flexibly and adjusted their approach and work methodology to the situation and meeting participants. They shared with us valuable comments and recommendations for further action. The achieved results fully meet our expectations and allow us to pursue strategic steps efficiently in line with our values.
    Joanna Sadowska
    Head of HR
    Artyza Polska
  • As regards the activities performed so far, the program participants emphasize the high subject-matter level of the online sessions and the good technical preparation.
    Aleksandra Czerniawska
    Competency Management Department Director
  • The crisis we experienced showed us the great significance of cooperation with a partner that was able to immediately respond to the reality that surprised us all, to adjust the forms of work and the tools to the needs and abilities of various teams in our organization, and that carefully watched all the activities being performed to respond to the occurring situations as fast and appropriately as possible and to correctly satisfy the needs of our employees.
    National Centre for Research and Development
    Martyna Kozłowska-Żukowska
    Employee Development Team Leader
  • We are very satisfied with the cooperation. House of Skills is not a “training firm” but an adviser and a partner that understands our business, our needs and proactively proposes activities that are aligned with the goals we want to achieve.
    GAVDI Polska
    Teresa Olszewska
    President of the Management Board
  • The program was implemented with the highest quality. The best comment following the project completion was the statement by the Sales Director acting as a Member of the Management Board: “This has been the best invested time for my team since I can remember.”
    Vision Express
    Iwona Szakiewicz
    HR Talent Manager
  • We appreciate in particular the following in the cooperation with House of Skills:
    • professionalism in the preparation of training programs, exact understanding of participants’ needs
    proposal of a course of development activities in line with these needs
    • high quality of delivered training at the concept and methodology level,
    preparation of trainers
    • flexibility in responding to emerging needs
    • openness and transparency in communication
    We recommend cooperation with House of Skills, the consulting and training firm, as part of development actions
    Bartosz Budzewski
    Head of Procurement CEE
    Philips Polska
  • We have known the quality of collaboration with House of Skills delivered during classroom workshops so far, but the transfer of work on skills to the online reality aroused our concerns. The professionalism of the whole House of Skills team has shown us that activities conducted online not only don’t lose quality but even gain a new dimension.
    We are pleased to recommend the services of House of Skills.
    National Centre for Research and Development
    Martyna Kozłowska-Żukowska
    Employee Development Team Leader
  • We are satisfied with our collaboration with House of Skills. We appreciate the flexibility, the possibility to deliver the activities in English, the adjustment of relevant tools to the online format – in order to engage the participants.
    Katarzyna Ćwik
    L&D Partner
  • To summarize the cooperation so far, we can recommend House of Skills as engaged professionals and reliable partners, above all to companies that attach a great importance to the process of team composition and foster the development of the soft skills of their employees.
    Barbara Zonik
    HR Manager
  • House of Skills executed manager development programs for SUPER-FARM POLAND S.A., which were oriented towards development of management and engaging work environment building skills. The engagement level grew by 5 p.p.
    Wojciech Łubieński
    Operations Director
    Anna Siewiera
    Customer Service Manager
  • Understanding of business needs and manner of operation, very good knowledge of issues being the object of implemented solutions, perfect trainer preparation, excellent know-how, flexibility and openness to our needs, innovative approach and engagement of consultants, trainers and project leaders on the part of House of Skills guarantee a high quality of solutions and the achievement of the assumed business goals.
    Anna Kozicka
    Training&Organizational Development Manager (Poland&Baltic)
    NUTRICIA Polska
  • We appreciate in particular the professional preparation of training, in line with the Company’s needs and expectations, in the cooperation with House of Skills. We recommend cooperation with House of Skills, the consulting and training firm, as part of development actions online.
    Katarzyna Tchorowska
    Human Capital Office Manager
    Polska Spółka Gazownictwa
  • The objective of the training for Sales Representatives was to win them over for the change project, to motivate and engage them in the implementation of a new pricing strategy.
    A survey conducted six months following the introduction of the new strategy revealed that the vast majority of the employees evaluated the introduced change and the manner of its introduction either well or very well.
    My rating of our collaboration is very high: it was characterized by a high degree of subject-matter preparation, professionalism and timeliness, which is why I can strongly recommend collaboration with House of Skills to other organizations.
    Michał Jończyk
    Sales Process Management Director
    Xella Polska
  • House of Skills consultants supported us in the preparation of a strategy of introducing a change, communicating it, and engaging sales teams by managers. House of Skills deserves recommendation as a partner in implementation of a process of system changes and transformations in organizations.
    Maciej Jahns
    Human Resources Department Director
  • Relevant know-how, innovative approach to workshop delivery methodology, and engagement of consultants and project leaders guarantee the achievement of the assumed objectives and bring tangible effects following the training. We recommend House of Skills as a proven, trustworthy professional provider of training & consulting services.
    Agata Błaszkiewicz
    HR Director
  • In our collaboration, we appreciate above all: quality – the people collaborating with us are appropriately prepared (…), diversified offer – House of Skills is able to address most of our needs (…), flexibility.
    Aleksandra Ossowska-Owczarek
    HR Business Partner
    Roche Polska
  • All services were completed in a professional manner, as expected and with due diligence. Understanding of the needs and manner of operation of our business, very good knowledge of the issues being the subject matter of the training, excellent preparation of trainers, as well as engagement, openness and flexible response to our needs allow us to recommend House of Skills as a competent and reliable partner.
    Agnieszka Pyra
    Member of the Management Board
    Yareal Polska
  • I am pleased to recommend to you House of Skills as a professional provider of training solutions for the management staff. In the context of our cooperation, I can confirm that House of Skills has relevant qualifications and resources for executing unusual, complex and challenging development projects intended for the management staff.
    Marta Krukowska
    HR Director
    Empik Group
  • We are pleased to recommend House of Skills as a credible and competent partner in the field of design and execution of development projects for the management staff as well as support employees. House of Skills is a professional, engaged and recommendable partner for collaboration in the area of human capital development.
    Magdalena Kowal
    Head of HR Department
    ATI ZKM Forging

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  • What training methods do you employ?

    We work primarily on a workshop basis, which means that theoretical knowledge is limited to a minimum and most of the time during sessions is devoted to experiencing and practicing skills.

    We apply engaging and diverse methods of work with people, among others, online and classroom workshops, webinars, conference lectures, Action Reflection Learning sessions, workshops conducted by the drama method, business simulations, implementation calendars, self-diagnosis questionnaires, consulting & coaching and blended learning sessions. Applications, websites and platforms are used where they facilitate the development process.

  • Does training translate into effects?

    Achievement of the effect consistent with the customer’s expectations, which was contracted at the process beginning, is the core of our philosophy of action.

    Learn more about this topic in the How do we work >>

  • Where is training delivered?

    It depends on Customer’s expectations. Training can be organized in the Customer’s registered office or in a leased training classroom at any location. For projects executed in Warsaw we recommend the classrooms of our Metrum ¾ training center, which are excellently equipped for workshop-based activities.

  • House of Skills offer does not include programs of interest to me: what now?

    Contact us through the form, which can be easily found on our website. Our experts are experienced in creating original development programs and the wide network of know-how partners allows us to tailor our offer to Customer’s needs – of course if this does not go beyond the limits of our subject-matter specialization.

  • Do you have e-learning?

    In this area we collaborate with e-learning.pl, a supplier of end-to-end educational solutions delivered by means of high technologies.