We know you have a lot of questions, maybe you will find answers here.

  • What does House of Skills do?

    We are a leading brand in the Polish market of consulting & training services. Our activities range from suggesting solutions on the strategic level to executing programs thanks to which we develop the competencies of large groups of employees. We cooperate with 19 international know-how partners and licensors, and our customers include 1/3 of the top 500 companies in Poland.

  • What is unique in House of Skills work methods?

    We create and execute projects in the classroom and the hybrid format so that investments in development of people and management systems can bring a real return.

    No matter if we focus on individuals, teams or organizations, the measure of our success is the specific change and its meaningful business effect. This is why in our approach the implementation is embedded in the whole process.

    • We determine objectives
    • We analyze the context
    • We activate leverages
    • We show the effect

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  • How do we ensure the effects of online and hybrid training?

    An online development process is effective at all stages on condition that we build and maintain engagement. This is why our approach is based on three pillars:

    • Personal relationship
    • Designing
    • Interactivity

    The necessary features and technological tools are adjusted to the assumed objective and the customer needs. The virtual House of Skills training studio is our unique form of work: add classroom tools to modern technology to get a single reality.

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  • What training methods do you employ?

    We work primarily on a workshop basis, which means that theoretical knowledge is limited to a minimum and most of the time during sessions is devoted to experiencing and practicing skills.

    We apply engaging and diverse methods of work with people, among others, online and classroom workshops, webinars, conference lectures, Action Reflection Learning sessions, workshops conducted by the drama method, business simulations, implementation calendars, self-diagnosis questionnaires, consulting & coaching and blended learning sessions. Applications, websites and platforms are used where they facilitate the development process.

  • Does training translate into effects?

    Achievement of the effect consistent with the customer’s expectations, which was contracted at the process beginning, is the core of our philosophy of action.

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  • Where is training delivered?

    It depends on Customer’s expectations. Training can be organized in the Customer’s registered office or in a leased training classroom at any location. For projects executed in Warsaw we recommend the classrooms of our Metrum ¾ training center, which are excellently equipped for workshop-based activities.

  • House of Skills offer does not include programs of interest to me: what now?

    Contact us through the form, which can be easily found on our website. Our experts are experienced in creating original development programs and the wide network of know-how partners allows us to tailor our offer to Customer’s needs – of course if this does not go beyond the limits of our subject-matter specialization.

  • Do you have e-learning?

    In this area we collaborate with e-learning.pl, a supplier of end-to-end educational solutions delivered by means of high technologies.


  • How to sign up for the training?

    In order to sign up, first choose the topic, then visit the subpage of the selected training, and finally fill out the application form that is available there. You can either fill out the electronic application form, or download it as a file, fill it out, and send a scanned document to: szkoleniaotwarte@houseofskills.pl.

  • Will I receive a certificate after I complete the training?

    Yes, after the training we will provide you with a certificate signed off by the trainer in charge.

  • Where is the training held?

    Open training courses are organized at our HQ at Równoległa Str. No 4a, or in fully-equipped training rooms in Warsaw. Detailed organizational info (including the location) is sent about 1.5 weeks before the start of the training.

  • What is included in the price?

    The price includes the costs of participation in the program, teaching materials, access to platforms, and other tools provided for in the program. In the case of classroom training, the price also includes lunch, drinks and snacks served during coffee breaks.

  • How can I pay for the training?

    We accept bank transfers, while credit card payments can be made at our HQ.

  • What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

    We conduct classroom training courses in groups of 6–12 people, and online workshops for 8–15 people.

  • Will I receive training materials?

    Yes, during the training we will provide you with textbooks and workbooks. If included in the program of specific training, you will also gain access to e-courses or materials available via electronic platforms.

  • Do I have to pay anything if I sign up, but then cancel?

    If you cancel your participation 8 or more working days before the scheduled start date, we reserve the right to issue a debit note amounting to 50% of the training price. The resulting amount due will be deducted from the payment already made for the training. If the applicant has not made the payment in advance, they must pay the debit note amount within 14 days after its date of issue.

    If you cancel your participation 1 or 2 working days before the scheduled start date, we retain the right to the full fee as for a duly completed training course. In this case, any payments already made are non-refundable.

  • How much is the training?

    Participation costs are shown on the subpages of each respective training course.

  • Are any promotions currently available?

    You will find current promotions on our website: https://www.houseofskills.pl/pl/35,nasze-promocje.html


  • Are paths less expensive than individual open training courses?

    Yes, the price of training courses included in a path is 5% lower than that of those purchased individually.

  • How long should a development path last?

    We recommend that a path be spread over a period of six months up to one year.

  • How many training courses are included in a path?

    A path consists of 3 classroom training courses and e-learning modules, and in some cases also the access to platforms offering tasks and questionnaires.

  • Can paths be delivered as e-learning?

    Paths include classroom training courses and e-learning modules.

  • How long can I access an e-learning module?

    You have access to an e-learning module for one month.

  • Can I adapt the path to my needs?

    Yes, you can structure your path based on the open training offer. Feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right training courses and arranging them into a path.

  • What certificate will I receive after I finish a path?

    A certificate is issued after each individual training course.


  • What is the duration of the Schools?

    Relevant schedules are available on the Schools’ subpages.

  • Will I receive a certificate after I graduate from the School?

    Participants receive a certificate after graduating from the School, which includes the number of hours and the signature of the trainer in charge of the relevant edition.

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    Yes, it is possible to pay in instalments.

  • Can I obtain funding?

    The Schools are available via the Development Services Database, which means you can receive up to 80% funding. The funding program is available to all micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, excluding those from the Pomorskie and Mazowieckie Provinces.