Co-financed projects

Development Services Database - another distribution of EU funds (2017-2020) for employee development!

The EU budget allocated to financing the development of human capital amounts to EUR 400 million. Co-financing may be granted to companies and their employees classified as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (including partner networks, franchise networks, etc.).


Note – the subsidy can be used by entrepreneurs from all voivodships, except Mazowieckie and Pomorskie.

Benefits of the new approach to the distribution of funds:

The entrepreneur decides for himself the type of service – he receives funding for what he needs. Receives tools that allow him to individually select an offer and simple settlement of expenses, e.g. voucher, reimbursement of costs, promise (depending on the region / province)

We invite you to discuss possible cooperation if:

  • you have a group of MSMEs cooperating with you: partners, franchisees, dealers, etc.
  • you see the need for the development of the management and employees of entrepreneurs
  • you have no experience in applying for funding
  • you have no experience in managing complex, large and regionally dispersed projects
  • you need an experienced partner who will help in the process and provide development services tailored to your needs at the highest level of quality

How can we help you?

  • We will tell you what to do to receive a grant – detailed information on the conditions in force in the selected voivodeship, rules for receiving support and accounting for the grant
  • We are a Contractor registered with BUR and authorized to provide co-financed services – we have the SUS 2.0 quality certificate SUS 2.0 Number 001
  • We will manage an extensive development process involving entrepreneurs from several provinces
  • We will carry out development activities in accordance with the presented diagnosis of needs dedicated to selected entrepreneurs in a closed formula

As part of the grant, you can provide the following services:

  • training tailored to the needs of the organization and participants
  • consulting services for individuals – e.g. coaching, mentoring
  • consulting services for companies – e.g. strategic consulting
  • e-learning services – including human development platforms and e-training

What is BUR?

  • The Development Services Database (BUR) is a publicly available Internet database of development services, in which both enterprises and their employees as well as individuals can see a wide range of activities enabling development (including training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, postgraduate studies , e-learning).
  • The entrepreneur may receive co-financing only and exclusively for services listed in the BUR, performed by Contractors with a quality certificate.
  • The register is available at https://uslugirozwojowe.parp.gov.pl/uslugi/search

If you are interested in knowing the details, please contact office@houseofskills.pl

What we do?

We have been implementing projects co-financed from the EFS since 2005.

  • 92100000
    value of completed projects
  • 59300000
    the amount of funding obtained
  • 29076
    number of unique participants
  • 8668
    number of training days
  • 32
    number of completed projects

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