Trainer Consultant

What will distinguish you?

  • Experience in working in business in managerial positions

  • Ability to build long-term relationships with customers

  • Willingness to sell development services and experience in the sales area

  • Ability to accurately diagnose customer needs and adjust development solutions

  • Ability to design and run a workshop to achieve your goal and delight the customer with your professionalism

  • Understanding the functioning of business in terms of systems, processes, structures and relationships

  • Fluent use of spoken and written English, enabling the provision of services to customers in this language

  • Good orientation in the online environment (knowledge of programs, tools and the ability to conduct online training)

What can we offer?

  • Work in a group of experienced coaches and consultants who contribute to the improvement of the quality of leadership with each consulting and training project

  • Access to the latest Polish and international know-how (The Ken Blanchard Companies, Fierce Inc., Hofstede Insights, Celemi)

  • Opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of demanding business projects for the largest companies in Poland

  • Participation in open trainings and multiple internal development initiatives

  • Atmosphere of kindness and sharing of knowledge

  • Work that gives a sense of meaning and satisfaction

What are the challenges to be expected?

  • Performing tasks in three areas: conducting trainings and workshops, selling products from our offer and project management

  • Use of business knowledge and experience, including in project management, designing training scenarios

  • Involvement in the sale of development solutions

  • Accurate diagnosis of needs and advising customers so as to build long-term sales relationships

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