Junior Consultant

The following requirements must be met to perform everyday tasks as a Junior Consultant:

  • Completed higher education (psychological and business courses are preferred),

  • High communication and social competences – clear formulation of statements, willingness to share knowledge, work in a team, learn and support others, openness and responsibility,

  • Customer orientation and willingness to build long-term relationships with customers,

  • High analytical skills, proper formulation of problems, formulating accurate hypotheses,

  • Care, especially in the field of prepared documents,

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and work under time pressure.

What can we offer?

  • Work in a group of experienced coaches and consultants who contribute to the improvement of the quality of leadership with each consulting and training project,

  • Access to the latest Polish and international know-how (The Ken Blanchard Companies, Fierce Inc., Hofstede Insights, Celemi),

  • Opportunity to gain experience in the implementation of demanding business projects for the largest companies in Poland,

  • Participation in open trainings and multiple internal development initiatives,

  • Atmosphere of kindness and sharing of knowledge,

  • Work that gives a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

We wish to cooperate with a person who:

  • Is interested in the area of people and organization development,

  • Is fluent in English,

  • Aims at reinvention and development in the substantive area,

  • Has first professional business-related experience,

  • Is motivated to invest in his/her development in the long term (the process of gaining independence as a Coach/Consultant at House of Skills takes approx. 3 years).

Please attach the following clause to the recruitment documents: