• 1/3 of 500
    the largest companies in Poland are our Customers
  • 40
    consultants, trainers and experts in a core team
  • 19
    international know-how partners and licensors

Awards and distinctions

SUS 2.0 Certificate

Business Superbrand

Human Capital Operational Programme

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Transparent Firm

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Gazeta Bankowa

Our values


We care for results, quality and relations – to an equal extent.

We care, we act with caution, we focus on important details, “here and now”. We cultivate our own development and strive for excellence. Whatever is worth doing, it is worth doing it right.


We are close to the Customer – its goals, challenges, needs and style.

We form a community of diverse personalities – we open to “newcomers”. We support, share, cooperate. Fierce conversations bring us closer.


Every day we discover the potential, release the power – in ourselves and in others.

Creating and changing bring us joy. We overcome the limitations – some pleasure hides behind every fear. Life is adventure – thought is energy.

Our people after hours

Cooperation with the Empowering Children Foundation

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“Clothes to give away”

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