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Because we know how strongly management staff affects the results of the organization, we propose comprehensive solutions dedicated to managers - starting from self-management, through operational management to building engaged teams. We undertake projects that require action at many organizational and synergistic levels, and at the same time - an individualized approach.

Our experts are the authors of books about the best Polish management practices („Zespoły po polsku”, „Dobre Przywództwo. Najlepsze praktyki polskich liderów biznesu”) (“Polish teams”, "Good Leadership, Best Practices of Polish Business Leaders").

What are the effects of our work?

  • Managers apply consistent, proven managerial practices, thanks to which they effectively achieve the goals set before them:

    • They efficiently set priorities and pass them on to employees

    • They plan and organize their own work and work of their subordinates

    • They entrust tasks to employees in accordance with the task-delegation principles

    • They provide feedback on an ongoing basis

    • They monitor and verify task implementation in a constructive manner

    • They motivate and appreciate their subordinates, using a variety of tools and techniques

  • Supervisors support development of their subordinates, also by conducting regular development talks with them. As a result, employees are becoming more and more involved, independent and competent

  • Team leaders model openness and communication transparency in everyday situations. In difficult interpersonal situations, they can build a dialogue that is conducive to reaching an agreement

  • Managers actively prevent escalation of conflicts, thanks to which such conflicts do not significantly reduce effectiveness of employees and teams, and they contribute to development of cooperation in a long term perspective.

  • Leaders understand that diversity is a resource. Guiding the team's work, they are able to combine different perspectives to effectively deal with current problems and seek new, non-standard solutions

Our solutions

  • Diagnosis of managerial potential

    • Diagnosis of the competence and potential of employees (Assessment / Development Center, Ocena 360 (Evaluation 360))

    • Psychometric diagnosis (MBTI®, Extended DISC®, Hogan Assessment Systems, Skala Potencjału PrzywódczegoTM (Leadership Potential Scale), Facet 5®, Success InsightsTM)

  • Training and workshops

    • Effective manager

    • Role of the manager in an employee’s development

    • Delegating

    • Setting MBO goals

    • Motivating

    • Evaluation conversation

    • Good managerial talks

    • Conversation builds cooperation (work using drama)

    • Conflict management in a team

    • Team management – Zespoły po polskuTM (Polish teams)

    • Customer service quality management

    • Customer service school at a call center - for leaders

    • Diversity management

    • Fierce Generations®

    • Management of a scattered team

  • Individual coaching

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