How do we work?

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How do we work?

The understanding of business needs

Our experts’ experience in business goes back to 1990. We understand the nature of business as well as the cultural determinants and challenges faced by employees, managers and companies from various sectors, at each level of their development. We choose realistic development and change. We make sure that our clients know the future effects of our work, and that the produced solutions are an answer to the real business challenges.


We are a reliable partner in the development and implementation of complex change introduction processes in organizations. We make use of an incredibly wide range of products and solutions of our own invention as well as such developed by global know-how partners. We grew up from many specialized firms which is why we are capable of combining various subject areas into varied projects.

Practical approach

We are inspired by innovative, groundbreaking theories. We follow development trends from all over the world. In our work with clients, though, we emphasise practical application of our knowledge. We strive to make every one of our workshops inspiring, but our major aim is to make sure that they are useful and effective. When it comes to consulting, we choose simple solutions and evaluate them in terms of effective implementation.

The principles of teaching adults and methodology

We make use of the results of international tests and studies to ensure that our teaching methods are current and effective. We know that a permanent change in attitude and action can occur only when embedded in one’s own experience. We use various teaching forms and tools (business simulation, training games, experiential learning, coaching, action reflection learning, self-assessment questionnaires, team and organization assessment).

Confidence and safety

We make sure that each solution which we propose is adequate for the challenge and situation faced by a particular client. We take on projects which require action on several organizational levels, and a synergetic and individualised approach. The high quality of our services and solutions is acknowledged by a long and steady history of our presence on the market – we would like to thank our clients for their trust.

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