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About us

Experience that changes lives

House of Skills is a leading brand on the consulting and training market in Poland. The company dates back to 1990. House of Skills emerged as a result of a fusion of six well-known training and consulting firms which offered their services since the beginning of the 1990s: Acceptus, e-Learning.pl, ISO/SMG Poland, Specialist&Friends, Telephone Doctor Polska, TMI Polska.

We are specialists in the development of managers and business. We follow international standards offering licensed and original know-how.

We take special care to make sure that renowned and internationally acclaimed solutions can be adapted to the Polish market. House of Skills is a partner of international organizations such as: Celemi, The Ken Blanchard Companies®, ITIM. We work alongside organizations such as the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), Polska Izba Firm Szkoleniowych (Polish Chamber of Training Companies), Polska Konfederacja Pracodawców Prywatnych Lewiatan (‘Leviatan’ Polish Confederation of Private Sector Employers), Polskie Stowarzyszenie Zarządzania Kadrami (Polish Association of Human Resource Management).

House of Skills operates on the large and medium-sized enterprises market. The company provides services to 1/3 of the 500 largest companies in Poland. The company gives employment to 50 consultants, trainers and experts, and cooperates with more than 200 specialists from Poland and abroad. Our services include the suggestion of solutions at the strategic level to the implementation of developmental programmes which increase the competencies of large groups of employees of Polish companies. Our know-how is arranged according to the areas of management challenges defined by ourselves.
the origins of the company date back to 1990
1/3 of 500
the company provides services to 1/3 of the 500 largest companies in Poland
nearly 50 consultants, trainers and experts in a core team
9 international know-how partners
Our values
We care about RESULTS, QUALITY and RELATIONSHIPS – in the same degree.
We care, we act carefully, we pay attention to important details ‘here and now’. We cultivate our own development, we strive for perfection. Anything worth doing, is worth being done well.
We stay close to the clients – their goals, challenges, needs and style.
We form a community of people with different personalities – we are open to newcomers. We support each other, share our experience and cooperate. Constructive dialogue brings people closer.
Every day we unveil potential and release power – in ourselves and in other people.
We find joy in creating, renewing, change. We overcome barriers – there is always pleasure behind dread. Life is an adventure – thought brings energy.
When should you contact us?
  • When you intend to implement a new strategy and you want to make sure it is a success
  • When you are in the middle of restructuring operations and you need support in guiding your people through the changes
  • When you want to increase the involvement of your employees in the efforts toward the accomplishment of company’s business objectives
  • When you want to gain competitive advantage through innovation
  • When you become aware of the need to strengthen and develop the leadership at each level of the organization
  • When the effectiveness of your employees decreased or you need to find effectiveness reserves among your employees
  • When you want to make sure that the organizational culture is in line with your business objectives
  • When you recognise symptoms of a silo mentality, lack of synergy, or conflicts, and you wish to put together an efficient team
  • When you want to gain competitive advantage based on the development of the most gifted employees
  • When you face a large consulting and training project and need an experienced and reliable partner

These are only some examples. The full list of business situations in which you should contact us is much longer.

Questions about our solutions and requests for proposal zapytania@weknowhow.pl

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