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Leaders and teams

Szeroki wachlarz wysokiej jakości rozwiązań, pomagających liderom biznesu i menedżerom każdego szczebla znaleźć skuteczne metody dla realizowanych strategii i celów.

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

Co robimy?

Koncentrujemy się na rozwoju menedżerów. Oferta programów rozwojowych stworzona została w oparciu o zdefiniowane przez naszych ekspertów kluczowe wyzwania menedżerskie:

  • Przywództwo i zarządzanie
  • Zwycięskie zespoły
  • Zarządzanie zmianą
  • Negocjacje i porozumienia
  • Efektywność indywidualna
  • Rozwijanie efektywnych relacji z klientem

Projektujemy programy rozwojowe, odpowiadające konkretnym potrzebom biznesowym naszych klientów i skutecznie je wdrażamy.

Co nas wyróżnia?

Dzięki szerokiemu know-how, od sprawdzonych, światowych licencji, po autorskie rozwiązania naszych ekspertów, zapewniamy rozwiązania doskonale dopasowane do potrzeb klientów. Doskonała logistyka i sprawne zarządzanie sprawia, że bezpiecznie można powierzyć nawet największy projekt.

Usługi i rozwiązania z zakresu programów rozwojowych:

Leadership and management

What kind of problems can we solve?

These days the greatest challenge in the business is the lack of involvement. Weariness or even burnout of entire generations of people who build Polish market economy, increasing multigenerationality (the need to meet the expectations of generation Y and the following ones), growing competition and increasing complexity of the market, stronger emphasis on effectiveness, restructuring and changes… It all turns the leadership and management model that prevailed at the time of Polish transformation (feudal, overly directive and operational) from a development catalyst into a barrier. Versatile and flexible leadership is the key to increase employee involvement which, in turn, translates into better hard business results.

What are the effects of our work?

We help our clients change the leadership model and management method to increase employee involvement and effectiveness. We support the development of versatile leadership model based on styles adapted to particular situations. Usually, we help them convert to more participatory operations which engage employees. We support the development of poorly developed work styles in Poland – a leadership model focused on the development of employees and pointing a direction – based on a shared vision. We offer complex solutions – starting from self-management, through operational management (of employees and a team), finishing at strategic leadership. If there is such need, we help to construct the foundations of management based on four management functions.

Why should you work with us?

Our know-how is a combination of the best models in the world and our original solutions. We are an exclusive representative in Poland of a leading global brand specializing in leadership - the Ken B. Companies. We offer a wide range of products based on SLII® Situational Leadership model. We adapt the best global solutions to the Polish market. As a Polish company, we have been supporting the transformation in the country from the very beginning (as people and as companies which later joined their forces as HoS). We wrote books about the best management practices in Poland (Dobre Przywództwo). Our clients include the best companies from various sectors. We completed hundreds of projects – from small ones (coaching for leaders) to large, years long strategic projects carried out in cooperation with the management boards of our clients.

Our solutions:

  • The development of leadership competencies:
    • Analysis of leader potential
    • Leader’s authority - Dobre przywództwo™
    • Dobre przywództwo™
    • Niewidzialne przywództwo™
    • Situational Team Leadership (STL)
    • SLII® Experience Situational Leadership
    • Situational Self Leadership (SSL)
  • The effectiveness of management:
    • Effective manager
    • Coaching for managers
    • Delegation
    • Motivation
    • Evaluation interview
    • Difficult conversations 
  • Individual coaching for managers:
    • Executive coaching
    • Managers, HiPo
  • Diversity:
    • Intercultural management
    • Fierce Generations® - OdWażnie o pokoleniach
  • Developing involvement culture in the organization
  • Inspirational speeches
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

What kind of problems can we solve?

The successful introduction of a change is determined by the involvement of people. Although organizational change often triggers negative associations at the beginning, as time goes by people tend to appreciate its pros – we can accelerate and manage this process.

We support our clients in the planning and introduction of changes to make people permanently engaged in the process

We address needs associated with:

  • Uncertainty about the plan and mode of implementation of a change;
  • Communication management in the course of the change process;
  • The need to make the management staff prepared to guide the employees through the changes;
  • Inconsistency between visions and messages at various management levels;
  • Responding to the symptoms of resistance to change, conflicts and tension, the risk of employees leaving the company;
  • Lack of involvement in the implementation of change on the part of employees. 

What are the effects of our work?

  • Planned and well-communicated process of change which takes into account the scale of change, expected results, desired organizational culture and various groups of stakeholders – so that it strengthens the involvement from the very beginning
  • Management staff prepared to fulfil its role as the leader of change (in terms of emotions and theoretical knowledge)
  • Change leaders/agents who understand their role and possess knowledge and tools which enable them to support the implementation of a change

Why should you work with us?

  • It is 15 years since we started working (developing tools and work methods) on the involvement of people in the process of change and supporting the management staff – we are aware of the fact that effective exertion of influence over employees requires one to influence their mode of thinking and emotions
  • We work in the context of an organizational culture of a particular organization
  • We influence attitudes and help to develop the ability to communicate and implement change
  • Our solutions are based on thorough analysis and working ‘hand in hand’ with the client. We are straight about the pros and cons of a given situation
  • We use the latest know-how and experience of our partners - Ken Blanchard, Fierce Inc., Discovery Learning, Inc.
  • We offer various developmental solutions and work methods – conferences/inspirations, workshops, business and team simulation games (original ones like Zespoły po polsku, or licensed, e.g. Change Navigator, Tipping Point), individual support, working with teams with the use of methods such as action reflection learning, experiential learning; we select solutions and work methods according to the context, expectations and change process
  • We are flexible and we respond to the needs and situations which occur halfway through the implementation of the change

Our solutions:

  • Change management simulations:
    • Change Navigator®
    • The Tipping Point
  • Organizational change:
    • Strategic conferences
    • Communicating strategic change
    • Implementation of a change – increasing involvement
  • Development of change management skills:
    • „Me" in the change
    • Engaging and supporting employees in the course of the change 
    • Get up! – experiential learning workshop
  • Blue Ocean Strategy™
  • Inspirational speeches
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

What kind of problems can we solve?

  • The quality of teamwork is unsatisfactory, the team fails to accomplish expected objectives, the team’s ‘clients’ are not satisfied, the resources go to waste, human potential is not used, people are unwilling to cooperate, conflicts between team members are to be solved by the leader or a superior employee 
  • "Dead’ teams":
    • In terms of energy – the team lacks energy to work together, working together dissipates the energy of the team rather than stimulate people
    • In terms of creativity – the team resorts to routine solutions and it is not capable of experimenting with new ideas, the knowledge contributed by new team members is not used 
  • Lack of effective leadership in the team. The structure of the team and/or the competencies of the leader are not enough to build a successful team or handle the changes and crises in the team

What are the effects of our work?

  • The quality of teamwork is measured according to the accomplished objectives and the satisfaction of ‘clients’ for whom the team works 
  • The satisfaction of team leaders from their role and the satisfaction of team members from teamwork
  • The development of the competencies of leaders in the area of team management, and the competencies of team members in the area of teamwork
  • Recommendations of structural solutions regarding the composition of the team in terms of its effectiveness and changes in the power structure in the organizational environment to enable the team to succeed

Why should you work with us?

  • Experienced trainers and consultants who work with different types of teams, specialists and the writers of Zespoły po polsku
  • A wide range of training and workshop programmes and individual developmental programmes verified in practice and dedicated to team leaders and members
  • A wide range of assessment tools verified in practice and used in the course of the development process 
  • A guarantee of consistency between developmental operations and the accomplishment of business objectives of the team
  • A guarantee of consistency between proposed developmental operations and the cultural specifics of Poland which affect team cooperation and organization 

Our solutions

  • Assessment and development of teams (Belbin®, MBTI®, Extended DISC®):
    • Management teams
    • Functional teams
    • Design teams
  • Team simulations, e.g.
    • Liderzy w akcji™
    • Friday Night at ER®
  • Team cooperation
  • Team management - Zespoły po polsku™
  • Team interventions
  • Inspiring workshop-based conferences on cooperation within an organization, and teamwork
  • Teamwork workshop dedicated to particular teams whose members work together on a daily basis
  • Individual developmental programmes (including coaching sessions) dedicated to team leaders
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

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