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We help in the development and visualization of visions, business models, operation strategies and optimum organizational culture.

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

What do we do?

We help in the development and visualization of visions, business models, operation strategies and optimum organizational culture. We assist our clients in the implementation of strategies through the cascading of objectives and responsibilities, changing the organizational culture, strengthening management teams and increasing the business awareness of employees. We make sure that employees develop skills and motivation, and the HR function and the organization are attuned to the accomplishment of business objectives and tasks.

Why are we special?

  • We design and hold unique workshops and meetings which:
    • Ensure a well-thought-out interaction, inspiration and involvement on the part of participants
    • Are based on the logical processes of teamwork
    • Make use of excellent visualization methods
  • We draw on 25 years of experience in training and consulting. This makes room for pragmatism and the adjustment of tools and solutions to the individual needs of our clients
  • We choose simple and effective solutions. We demonstrate solutions and the effects of our actions on business results in a clear and simple way

Consulting services and solutions:


We are aware that permanent changes in attitudes and actions must be embedded in one’s own experience. Training is just one of the elements that are to increase efficiency.

We use engaging and varied methods of working with people, including: webinars, implementation calendars, self-diagnosis questionnaires, consulting and coaching sessions, blended learning. We make sure that the solutions we propose are simple, useful and effective.

What are the effects of our work?

  • Employees and managers develop awareness of their potential and limitations. They understand their own emotions, emotions of other people and the impact of specific behaviors on the environment better. Thanks to this, they communicate more effectively, cooperate better and achieve results in difficult interpersonal situations

  • All employees - regardless of their position - are willing to undertake new tasks and projects. When they encounter difficulties on their path to implement the agreed goals, they are looking for solutions, not excuses

  • Employees and managers effectively plan their activities and manage their time. They focus on the activities that bring the greatest added value while controlling other tasks

  • Employees can look at problems from a different perspective. They use techniques that help create custom solutions individually and collectively

Our solutions

  • Analysis of individual behavior style – among others based on Extended DISC®, Success Insights®, MBTI® research

  • Training and workshops:

    • Fierce Accountability®

    • Renewal Time

    • There is no such thing as I cannot - how to set goals and implement them?

    • Emotional intelligence

    • Creative problem solving

    • "Me" in change

    • Me above stress

    • Personal situational leadership SSL

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

We understand challenges faced by employees and managers from various sectors at each stage of development well. We make sure that the proposed solutions are appropriate in the context of a specific challenge and a customer’s situation. We combine various substantive areas into cross-sectional projects in a creative manner.

We are inspired by innovative break-through theories. We follow development trends in the world. We constantly enrich our know-how with various forms and tools to work with participants (business simulations, training games, experiential learning, drama).

What are the effects of our work?

  • People in the company initiate and conduct effective conversations regarding important topics. They are able to address important matters without destroying their relationships

  • Meetings in the company are engaging and are concluded with specific effects (decision, recommendation, action plan)

  • Employees and managers conduct presentations that inspire and encourage action - from intimate meetings to public appearances on large stages

  • Employees are able to build and maintain long-term relationships with business partners. They take advantage of difficult situations to strengthen customer loyalty

  • Employees achieve their business goals through proper preparation for negotiations and conscious use of negotiation strategies and techniques

  • People working at the crossroads of different cultures understand the consequences of differences between Poland and other countries for running and organizing meetings, negotiations, management styles, communication, etc. Thanks to that they are able to function effectively in a multicultural environment

Our solutions

Training and workshops:

  • Communication and assertiveness

    • Assertiveness

    • Interpersonal communication

    • Empathy and assertiveness - strength of a relationship (work using drama)

    • Exerting influence

    • Fierce Conversations®

    • Cooperation in a team

  • Presentation

    • The art of presentation

    • Story-telling in the presentation

    • Public and media appearances

  • Running business meetings

  • Negotiations and building an agreement

    • Business negotiations - basic and advanced level

    • Conflict management and mediation

    • Facilitating meetings

    • Negotiation tournament with Smile UrboTM simulation

    • Agreement is enriching - a workshop with Smile UrboTM simulation

    • Negotiation academies (for sales forces, purchases)

  • Customer Service

    • Professional complaint handling procedures

    • Innovatively about customer loyalty

    • Difficult situations in customer service

  • Understanding intercultural differences

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries
Understanding business

Through the development of business thinking competencies, we integrate employees of various levels around the organization's goals.

We have been dealing with simulation models for almost 30 years. Our portfolio includes simple and advanced business simulations illustrating various industries and types of business. We provide participants with the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge, and even make mistakes - in a safe and engaging learning environment.

What are the effects of our work?

  • Managers and employees make better business decisions because they understand:

    • cause and effect relationships in the company's strategic and operational activities

    • their role in the functioning of the company as a whole

    • the impact of business decisions on financial results, market position and employee involvement

  • Employees understand the goals, strategy and economic mechanisms of their own organization better, thanks to which they are more willing to undertake cross-functional cooperation in the company

  • Members and project team leaders share knowledge in the field of project management, which improves the quality of project activities

Our solutions

  • Training and workshops:

    • Project management

  • Celemi simulations:

    • Celemi Decision BaseTM

    • Celemi LivonTM

    • Celemi Apples & OrangesTM

  • Strategy Translation Implementation simulation (management of retail operations):

    • Retail ManagementTM

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

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