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We help in the development and visualization of visions, business models, operation strategies and optimum organizational culture.

Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

What do we do?

We help in the development and visualization of visions, business models, operation strategies and optimum organizational culture. We assist our clients in the implementation of strategies through the cascading of objectives and responsibilities, changing the organizational culture, strengthening management teams and increasing the business awareness of employees. We make sure that employees develop skills and motivation, and the HR function and the organization are attuned to the accomplishment of business objectives and tasks.

Why are we special?

  • We design and hold unique workshops and meetings which:
    • Ensure a well-thought-out interaction, inspiration and involvement on the part of participants
    • Are based on the logical processes of teamwork
    • Make use of excellent visualization methods
  • We draw on 25 years of experience in training and consulting. This makes room for pragmatism and the adjustment of tools and solutions to the individual needs of our clients
  • We choose simple and effective solutions. We demonstrate solutions and the effects of our actions on business results in a clear and simple way

Consulting services and solutions:


What kind of problems can we solve?

  • A need for a new concept of business development
  • A need for reflection on the strategy and practices used so far
  • Lack of consensus on the direction the company should follow among the management team members
  • Corporate strategy has to translated into local level

What are the effects of our work?

  • The establishment of business priorities and allocation of responsibility
  • The energy of the organization focused around priorities
  • The identification of key success factors
  • The establishment of a business model and implementation initiatives

Why should you work with us?

  • A rich and diversified experience – sectors, organizational cultures
  • A unique workshop setting – custom tools, attractive visuals, engaging working sessions
  • Simple and pragmatic solutions
  • The combination of a discussion about strategies with a discussion about effectiveness of a management team

Our solutions:

  • Organizational assessment of:
    • The quality of teamwork
    • The organizational culture
    • An in-depth business analysis of the company, the directions for development and development barriers
  • Strategic workshops whose aim is to establish objectives, tasks and roles based on a selected approach:
    • Strategic vision – Visual Planning Systems™The Grove,
    • Blue Ocean Strategy™,
    • Effective business model – Business Model Innovation approach of Alex Osterwalder,
    • Balanced Scorecard strategy map
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

What kind of problems can we solve?

  • What can I do to make sure that the strategy is implemented by employees on a daily basis?
  • How are strategic objectives translated into operational tasks?
  • How can I measure if the strategy is pursued?
  • How should I allocate the responsibility for the implementation of the strategy?

What are the effects of our work?

  • Established and well-defined measurement system for accomplished objectives
  • Established and well-defined strategic initiatives which support the accomplishment of objectives
  • Defined objective scorecards for employees of N, N-1, N-2 management levels
  • A coherent map of objectives and measurement systems in the entire organization

Why should you work with us?

  • An effective, workshop-based approach that leads to consensus
  • Visualization of the measurement structure in the entire organization
  • Experience in the definition of measurement systems and the analysis of their quality, and in the construction of awarding systems based on results

Our approach and tools:

  • The establishment of measurement systems to measure the performance of objectives, strategic initiatives and strategy implementation plans; the applied tools:
    • Visual Planning Systems™ The Grove
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Objective and measurement system matrix
    • Measurement system description chart
    • Measurement system tests
    • Initiative chart
  • The development of associations between a strategy and management information system, and development, evaluation and awarding systems
  • Supervision over the work of the team responsible for the implementation of the strategy
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries
Understanding business

What kind of problems can we solve?

  • The organizational culture is not consistent with the strategy
  • The organizational culture requires reinforcement and new direction
  • A new approach and fresh organizational culture have to be adopted

What are the effects of our work?

  • The beginning of a dialogue – we shape the language and give a pretext for initiating a dialogue about the culture and quality of leadership in the organization
  • The operation of the organization is focused around established and strategically important cultural priorities
  • The consistency of the organizational culture with the strategy is confirmed, and cultural conditions critical for the implementation of the strategy are established
  • The employees follow expected behaviour patterns

Why should you work with us?

  • Several years of experience in Poland and abroad
  • Integrated approach – we are capable of combining different areas: organizational culture, cross-cultural issues, leadership and strategy
  • Powerful methodology and tools (Hofstede’s model)

Our approach and tools:

  • Assessment:
    • Organisational Culture Scan Light – a quick and simple assessment of organizational culture and determination of developmental needs of the company
    • Organisation Culture Audit – a comprehensive analysis of the organizational culture in terms of content and organization according to Hofstede’s model
  • Shaping the culture: a workshop with the participation of the management team and key managers on the definition of optimum culture (as required by the strategy)
  • Implementation:
    • The formulation of a plan of implementation of optimum organizational culture supporting business strategy
    • Supporting implementation teams 
Questions about our Solutions and Inquiries

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